Is A Personalized Meal Delivery For Me?

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Good nutrition is usually in focus only when we are young, but as we get older, we still need to ensure that we are eating well. Sadly, many seniors and retired professionals struggle with this because they live alone. Some of them lack the means to cook for themselves due to the restraints caused by COVID-19, or they may be facing some other challenges like an illness or physical disability. To help these individuals obtain fresh and nutritious meals without the hassles of sourcing the ingredients and then preparing them, personal chef Lisa Givens at Gourmet Away LLC. proudly presents Personalized Meal Delivery.

The Personalized Meal Delivery service is designed to help retired professionals get good, personalized meals to support their nutrition requirements. Besides retirees, this service is also open to others who happen to have a hectic schedule but would like to eat healthy.

Once you place your order, Gourmet Away LLC. will make sure that your dinner is on the table in no time and in the most convenient packaging, so you have minimal stress and cleanups. Our Personalized Meal Delivery service is meant to help you stop worrying about spending time in the kitchen and thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner. It even reduces your grocery shopping and dishwashing.

Meeting customized requirements
When you avail of the Personalized Meal Delivery option, you can rest assured knowing that chef Lisa Givens and her team use nothing but the finest ingredients. We take nutrition very seriously and are happy to follow your customized requirements to ensure your health is revived through the ideal food combinations. Besides meeting your special diet requirements, we also prepare meals the way you like as if they were prepared in your own home.

How to make the most of our Personalized Meal Delivery?
For starters, you can respond in a timely fashion to the menus proposed by our team when you connect with us. Once you receive your order, follow the simple instructions for heating and consumption, provide Lisa feedback once you’ve tried the food. Based on your reviews, we can improve our meals, delivery, or service so that we improve and you have the opportunity to keep coming back to us for more.

To check out our meal options, you can go to or contact us and tell us about your needs and schedule within a fifteen-minute consultation. This will help us understand what you require and accordingly make the arrangements. As our Personalized Meal Delivery service is a long term service, we usually charge by the week. The approximate cost is around $300 to $500 per week, depending on the number of meals you require.

For more information about our services, reach out to Chef Lisa Givens and her team at Gourmet Away LLC. She is a personal chef serving the Denver, CO area with the intention of making their lives fabulous and stress-free. She takes away the challenge of purchasing groceries and putting together fresh meals every day by doing this for them. That way, they have more free time for themselves and their families and can enjoy delicious meals in the comfort of their home. Additionally, all of the meals that Lisa prepares are healthy and nutritious. She purchases the ingredients herself and makes sure they are clean, organic, and fresh. She then prepares and cooks them as per the clients’ liking and packages the meal in containers, which she labels with consumption instructions.

To learn more about our personal chef services, please click here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by clicking here