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Gourmet Away offers a variety of custom personal chef services:

familyenjoyingpcCUSTOM DELIVERED MEALS: Gourmet Away provides  delivered meals that are customized to meet your preferences. If you like comfort food or have a specialty diets(paleo, south beach, dairy-free, gluten-free, heart-healthy, diabetic, etc.) southern food, ethnic food or just simple clean food, Chef Lisa  can help. Allowing Chef Lisa to take care of your meals helps you to move from “overwhelm” to “balance.” Service includes:

• In-home or over the phone food intake
• Custom menu planning
• Grocery Shopping
• Meals prepared in your home or delivered to your specifications, in your preferred packaging and labeled with simple heating instructions.
• Delivered right to your door
• Custom meal packages (fresh only, fresh and frozen, varied servings, entree only, entree/side dishes, dessert). Listed below are only a few options that are available:

• Standard Entree/Side Option: With this option, 5 entrees and 4-5 side dishes are prepared; 4 servings of each for a total of 20 meal servings. The number of servings entree/side servings can be increased to meet your family’s needs. The meals can be prepared for the freezer, refrigerator or a combination of both.

• Entree Only Options:
 This option includes entrees only and the client can add their own side dishes or salads. The number of entrees is usually 5 and the number of servings can vary between 4 and 8.

• Custom Options: This option allows clients to work with the chef to create a custom option that can vary the number of entrees and side dishes.

All services are provided by a professional, dependable, organized, caring and thoughtful chef who takes great care with your food and leaves your kitchen cleaner than when she arrived. Meals can also be delivered to your cooler with chef provided ice packs.
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Gourmet Away also offers catering services for special events for between 25 and 150 guests. This service is great for someone hosting a business event, birthday party, family reunion, graduation, special dinner, rehearsal dinner or wedding. If you have a need for more than 100, please contact Chef Lisa to see if she can accommodate you. Catering Event

 Wouldn’t you like to take time off from cooking for the holidays? Contact Chef Lisa and she will provide you with menu options for your consideration. Good holidays to consider for this service are Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years. Holiday Dinners

dinnerparty3DINNER PARTIES:
Would you like to entertain at home and spend time with your guests rather than be in the kitchen, cooking and serving? Would you like to have an intimate dinner for two to celebrate a special event? Chef Lisa can work with you to plan a customized menu, the number of courses and type of dinner party; served or buffet. Dinner parties from two to twelve are available. This service works great for anniversaries, business dinners, birthdays and as gifts of appreciation. While this is a custom service, a few sample menus are given to give you a few ideas. Dinner Parties.

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