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Personal Chef Serving Denver, CO Area

I make it easier for my fabulous,  stressed, overworked or just don’t have the energy or ability clients to enjoy life with a lot less hassle.

Let’s be real….I look for and create great healthy recipes, which I propose to my clients, go out and do their menu shopping, chop, stir and cook their food just the way that they like it, package it all up, label it and provide them with simple instructions to reheat….Ooooh, I am tire just saying it….Saving them 10-12 hours per week.

Well you probably know by now that I am personal chef and I passion for great food.  I was born, raised and steeped in a culture of a city that has some of the best food….I didn’t say healthiest food in the WORLD, but the best food – New Orleans, LA.  With parents who threw down all the time, I learned from the best. My mom always says when I get the food just right that “it has the flavor of the month.”   I don’t want you to think that I cook mostly rich Creole food.  Through my 12 years in business, I have focused on making great food, healthier without sacrificing flavor.  I love my clients!

I didn’t take the normal path to pursue a culinary career.  I completed six years of undergraduate and postgraduate work in Mathematics and Computer Science, worked in the telecommunications industry for 22 plus years before choosing a new path which has allowed me to walk a path where my impact of my service is clear and rewarding.

As I was beginning my personal chef training with the culinary business academy, I saw an opportunity to complete for a local contest coined Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation’s  “The Top Home Chef” in Denver.  Well all of my past experiences back in New Orleans and here in Denver led me to win the title and the $5000 in Jenn Aire Appliances.

I served as President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of United States Personal Chef Association (RMUSPCA) for three years and continue my membership as a mentor to other chefs.   I am premier member of the United States Personal Chef Association.

That’s my professional Story


“That’s me in Aruba taking a selfie.”

Want to know more?

  1. I spent 2 summers in California while in collage (Stanford(SLAC) and Lawrence Livermore Labs.  Had a blast.  I didn’t realize the level of humidity in New Orleans until my 1st return trip from Cali.  It hit me like  a ton of bricks.
  2. I worked for 5 years coordinating an youth engineering program-JETS for underrepresented youth in my community.
  3. In 2005,  I won the KOOL Achieve Award in Education and went to Louisville, KY,  and brought back $7500 for the Engineering Organization – CABPES.
  4. Almost 20 years ago, i opted for Lasik surgery.  I was blind as a bat.  Although my eyes are changing a bit, I would have done it again.
  5. In 2007, I shattered my knee and was out for over 6 months.  That was my first broken bone ever and I can’t say I enjoyed that much.
  6. I am a Christian and I faithfully attend my church FHG1 Ministries in Aurora, CO.
  7. I am a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., since 1981 and served in all levels of the organization.
  8. I am living proof that it is not too late to make a career change that is more enjoyable and fulling to to you.
  9. I have over 100 cook books in my home office
  10. I value excellence, dependability, service, organization &  being responsive.
  11. I love a good spa day!

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